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Why GoSecure? Although espionage is as old as mankind, today there is a new twist to how Intellectual Property and Identities are being taken or hacked if the data is not secured on computers. Growing numbers of cyber criminals are using complex code to bypass traditional signature-based filters. While there have been increasing efforts to enforce stringent laws to restrict cases of Intellectual Property and Identity theft, at times, the damage it causes is irreparable.

GoSecure has a proactive solution to protect and upgrade your privacy. GoSecure provides a level of security that other networking sites alone cannot match – all at a reasonable cost.

The Innovation and the Company History

In October 2008, GoSecure Portal along with GoSecure Safe application Beta was launched out of Hyderabad, India. In 2009, we will have two major releases. Our latest Version 1.3 will be in January 2010 and will incorporate all the feedback from our potential partners and beta users. It will also include Backup and Xchange subscription services.

GoSecure is located in Hyderabad, India and was founded in 2007 to solve an emerging need – how to provide industrial grade Information Security to the consumer at a price point that is not a barrier to entry. GoSecures’ underlying core technology is flexible, scalable and adaptable to support a broad portfolio of innovative current and future products and solutions.

The development phase of the company was initiated in Hyderabad and dedicated to leveraging the founders’ core expertise in building enterprise information protection solutions requiring zero incremental investment in infrastructure along with a simple and functional end-user experience. Upon that principle, our Trade-Secret core technology of unique encryption and obfuscation was blended with strong authentication.

What are the GoSecure Products and Services?

GoSecure’s core technology is available in Portal and stand-alone Application and/or Enterprise Edition that provides a robust platform for the deployment and management of secure sharing and collaborating of critical and sensitive information. Key features include ease of use, information security and zero impact on work flow.

Products Summary
GoSecure Safe is a host-device information protection solution and is a cryptographic data vault for critical files.

GoSecure Xchange enables secure share or exchange of critical information via email – a critical end user security requirement. Leveraging GoSecure’s core technology, the critical information is transformed into an innocent looking plausible cover. The plausible cover ensures that the protection stays with the critical information no matter where the information is sent or resides.

Built on GoSecures’ core technology, GoSecure Backup provides encrypted and obfuscated protection for online or offline backup critical information. One click and the content of GoSecure Safe is securely backed up.

GoSecure Reader application allows you to decode, open and read the plausible covers received via email or any other digital methods.

How different and one-of-a-kind is the GoSecure innovation? GoSecure has developed, owns and has licensed the intellectual property associated with the GoSecure Portal. The innovation is unique to the World.

If encrypted data is the safest way to send files, why doesn’t everyone encrypt their data?
The biggest reason why encryption software has not penetrated the consumer market is that both sender and receiver must buy same software. This practice can’t be forced outside enterprise environment especially in consumer segment where use of encrypted exchange is limited. This is where GoSecure’s biggest innovation is. Like Adobe Reader, GoSecure has developed GoSecure Reader a unique application that decrypts information encrypted with GoSecure Xchange software. Like Adobe Reader, GoSecure Reader is free and will propel the adoption of encryption software in the marketplace.

How is GoSecure different from what is currently happening in the industry? Technologies including intrusion detection, firewalls, and VPN are focused on protecting infrastructure. Safe, Xchange, and Backup are solutions focused on protecting the users’ most meaningful asset: information or content. GoSecure solutions are designed to increase industry adoption rates for information security through technology innovation and improving end-user experience. Industry leading information security, ease of use, deployment, and simple end-user experience differentiates GoSecure Portal from others.


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