About GoSecure

Founded in 2007, GoSecure is based in Hyderabad, India. GoSecure underlying core technology is flexible, scalable and adaptable to support a broad portfolio of innovative current and future products and solutions. GoSecure is committed to developing innovative and easy to use, seamless end-point security solutions with zero incremental investment in infrastructure and zero change in workflow while maintaining user privacy. Our vision is based on a simple principle: robust, innovative products that are easy to use will lead to mass adoption.

GoSecure’s Trade-Secret core technology includes encryption and obfuscation blended with strong authentication. It allows users to protect sensitive digital information wherever it is stored, and whatever the format maybe. Our process of hiding and protecting information inside a “plausible cover” prevents an intruder from detecting the presence of sensitive information. GoSecures’ technology provides a very strong first line of defense for the consumer.

By offering integrated encryption, obfuscation as well as strong authentication, GoSecure provides a level of security that other networking portals and encryption solutions cannot match at comparable cost.

Ready for a Private and Secure Online Workspace – GoSecure


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