About Us

Founded in 2007, GoSecure is based in Hyderabad, India. GoSecure underlying core technology is flexible, scalable and adaptable to support a broad portfolio of innovative current and future products and solutions. The founders, a team of international renowned experts in their fields, have assembled a strong management team to build the business.

GoSecure is committed to developing innovative and easy to use, seamless end-point security solutions with zero incremental investment in infrastructure and zero change in workflow while maintaining user privacy. Our vision is based on a simple principle: robust, innovative products that are easy to use will lead to mass adoption.

 Board of Directors

Billa Bhandari, Founder and Chairman of the Board

Mr. Bhandari has over twenty years experience building business oriented, secure, scalable and mission-critical trading systems in the banking industry, including Chase, Credit Lyonnais, Putnam Investment and State Street Bank. His background in Finance and Technology exploited the need for user oriented yet highly secure information solutions. Mr. Bhandari first founded Parallax Corporation to provide technology-consulting services to clients including GTE, Sun and HP.  He has strong recognition in the International Biometrics and Information Security community.

Today, Mr. Bhandari serves on the Technology Board of ID World  He has been engaged by Indian School of Business as Consultant for IT Vision and Strategy for the Mohali Campus, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. He advises management on IT infrastructure, Remote Classroom, Data Center, Remote Access and Perimeter Security. Billa is also Consultant IT Strategy and Business Development at Institute of Life Sciences and a Member – Technology Advisory Committee at IIM Ranchi.

Mr. Bhandari is the Founder and Chairman of Obvue Holdings Corporation which owns GoSecure and Akoura Biometrics. He is CEO of Akoura Biometrics, Inc. and Chairman and Chief Architect of GoSecure.  He appears on many industry panels focused on deployment of Biometrics in the Enterprise and brings vision and business development skills to all of his team.

Joerg Refeld, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Joerg Refeld brings over twenty years experience in leadership positions in Senior Management, business development, and consulting to the team. He was instrumental in the launch of companies like T-Mobile, O2, and first-e Internet bank. His functional experience ranges from the management of large software development projects via product management and marketing to heading a two-hundred and fifty person strong operational team for customer management. Mr. Refeld’s background allows him to develop a conclusive business concept with a detailed financial model as well as the ability to secure necessary funding. He brings operational excellence to GoSecure by swiftly transforming the strategy into a world class operation in a cost effective manner.

Vijay Wadhi, Member of the Board

Vijay Wadhi has over twenty years experience in the IT space. He is the Founder and President of Locuz and a successful entrepreneur. His success lies in finding, growing and retaining key talent in the organization. Mr. Wadhi is passionate about building a highly HR friendly organization, and is the key in driving Locuz towards PCMM Level-5 status, and making Locuz an ‘Employer of Choice’. He has started and succeeded in two other ventures. Mr. Wadhi has a MBA, and has attended various short term executive training programs conducted by Business Schools (IIM-A) and other professional organizations. His subjects of interest are Business Strategy, Human Resources & Finance. He has given several lectures in various forums on Leadership, 7-Habits, Empowerment and Time management. Mr. Wadhi brings leadership and financial discipline to an organization.

Pramod Gaur, Member of the Board

Pramod Gaur has over twenty-five years of experience in Senior Leadership positions. He was the Founding President and CEO of Viterion TeleHealthcare LLC, A Bayer a Panasonic Company. Mr. Gaur was responsible for establishing the company’s telehealth business from its inception in 2003, to rapidly gaining the #2 market share position in the telehealth market segments served in the US and UK. His activities as a telehealth industry advocate included a technology demonstration to a US Presidential Advisor, 2005 White House Conference on Aging, US Congress on Capitol Hill, International Delegates at the United Nations in NY and to UK Govt. Officials. Mr. Gaur has given keynote lectures at various national and international conferences including 2006 International CES, 2006 ATA, 2006 Med-e-Tel and 2006 International Medical Automation Conferences.

Management Team

Billa Bhandari, Founder, Chairman of the Board and Chief Architect (see bio above)

 Joerg Refeld, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (see bio above)

 Shiva Balivada, Business Development & Marketing

Shiva Balivada brings to the team over thirty years of experience in Senior Leadership Roles and as a Technology evangelist. He has worked with many world-class organizations which include Home Depot, Johnson & Johnson, Delta, XEROX, FedEx, Compaq, AutoZone and Bank One. He has been a part of initial team of successful Indian Software companies like Tata Technologies, HTMT and MphasiS BFL wherein he has played a significant role in nurturing them at their nascent stage. As Head of NGN products at BPL Telecom, he brought into the Indian markets leading Telecom Product companies like EXCEL Switching, Aruba, Brovis, Sloka Telecom and SNOM. He has worked in the United States from 1996 to 2003 with MphasiS BFL as AVP- Atlantic coast of NA, Duncan IT as Country Head NA and BPL Telecom as VP North America. Mr. Balivada turned an entrepreneur in 2007 with a focus on Telecom and IT. He has many successes like India’s First Online System, First Software India Team in to Comdex in 1987 heralding the Great Software outsourcing revolution, First CASE tool for Software developers, First WiFi phone, First WiMAX Base station and recently Nanotechnology Applications Telecom.

George Karahalios, Director of Global Communications

George Karahalios brings over twenty years experience in Senior Leadership roles to the team. He has an extensive knowledge on international affairs, political and business arenas respectively, earned through numerous business and governmental projects worldwide. He has repeatedly received awards by Western governments for outstanding services in building large-scale networks of business cooperation. He specializes in solving cross-cultural barriers in enabling global entrepreneurial collaboration and social interaction. Mr. Karahalios has also worked as a Senior Executive screener for television news productions, filming projects, oil and energy projects and global super brand’s marketing and advertising campaigns. These assignments have earned him a reputation of one of the few top Global Communicators ever. Today, he also serves on several industrial and entrepreneurial Boards and Associations while managing a multimillion holding.

Sandra (Sandy) Riedel, Director of Operations

Sandy Riedel has over twenty years of experience in Senior Leadership positions in various strategic roles in marketing, brand development, ecommerce, contract negotiations, supply chain management, product launches and project management. She worked for Nebraska Furniture Mart (a Berkshire Hathaway company) as well as Xerox and Eastman Kodak before starting her own consulting firm. GoSecure and Obvue were her first clients. Her background revolves around analyzing trends and maximizing any marketing opportunities on a continuous basis. She has designed many work processes and is often asked to venture into uncharted territory to map out an efficient and profitable strategy while still having her eye on the marketing momentum.


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