Is the today’s cost of data security out of reach for most companies?

January 11, 2012

Price Tag: The cost of a currently available effective security platform depends on a firm’s current technology and risk, but it can range from tens of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. Before devising a data security strategy, one must first must assess their risks and the potential consequences of a breach; then they must assess their existing tools and controls to identify weak points. The price tag on holistic fraud prevention includes external expenses (i.e., vendor software and implementation services) as well as internal development/integration costs.

 Source: http://www.wallstreetandtech.com/2012-outlook/data-security

GoSecure Enterprise Version is under development for customization for selected partners. Its underlying core technology is flexible, scalable and adaptable to support a broad portfolio of innovative products and solutions. GoSecure is committed to seamless end-point security solutions with zero incremental investment in infrastructure.

GoSecure is based on a simple principle: robust, innovative products that are easy to use will lead to mass adoption when they are reasonably priced. GoSecure will serve companies, government agencies, service organizations to the mass market. It can be customized for companies, countries and languages requirements.

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