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Twitter Adds Team Who Created Privacy Tools for Activists

November 30, 2011

Twitter on Monday announced the acquisition of a two-person startup called Whisper Systems, whose technology protected people’s mobile-phone calls and text messages from being obtained by third parties such as governments.

The deal terms weren’t disclosed. The acquisition led to speculation about what Twitter, an online-messaging service, might do with Whisper Systems founders Moxie Marlinspike and Stuart Anderson–who are well-known in computer security circles–and the technology they built exclusively for devices running on Google’s Android software.

Whisper Systems created a suite of services for human-rights activists or other privacy-conscious individuals, which were used by activists during the recent “Arab spring” actions. In a blog post, Marlinspike and Anderson said the services they created will “live on” though they had to temporarily shut them down.

Twitter acknowledged in a statement that Marlinspike and Anderson will join the company, without providing details. “As part of our fast-growing engineering team, they will be bringing their technology and security expertise to Twitter’s products and services,” the company said.

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The Secret of Great Leaders

November 28, 2011

No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy on Facebook, Pa. Judge Says

November 25, 2011

Even without appellate case law in Pennsylvania to provide guidance on the discoverability of information on Facebook, the standard is becoming clear: Post at your own risk.

Three courts in this state have now decided that, if a party in a civil case posts information on his or her Facebook page, and that information appears to contradict statements in discovery or testimony, then the party’s Facebook page falls within the scope of discovery.

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How to make things happen – leadership, management and motivation – by Futurist Dr Patrick Dixon

November 24, 2011

Five Charts that Changed Business .

November 23, 2011


Judges advise against too tightly defining privacy

November 23, 2011

Leading judges today advised a parliamentary committee against trying to too “tightly” define areas of privacy law, suggesting instead that it “would be better to leave it to judges in the main”.

Appearing before the joint committee on privacy and injunctions, Sir Nicholas Wall, president of the family division of the high court, Lord Neuberger, master of the rolls, Mr Justice Baker, and Mr Justice Tugendhat faced questions on current legislation and possible future areas to address.

Tugendhat told the committee that while the balancing act for judges in privacy-related cases is not simple, it is “not impossible”.

“I don’t think judges are finding the task impossible, it’s never easy … The task we have is not impossible and it is for you to decide if you think it would be improved if you intervene.”

But he added that he did not see a need for “a more robust definition of privacy”, adding this would make it “more likely you are to exclude things inadvertently you wouldn’t wish to exclude”.

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IBM 2011 Tech Trends Report: Mobile

November 21, 2011