How 9/11 Changed Data Centers

September 15, 2011

Data centers have always been secure, tightly controlled facilities, but 9/11 brought about changes that pushed security and physical protections to even higher levels.

Data centers today, particularly those serving as colocation facilities, are more likely to have multiple points of security that may include physical barriers such as crash-resistant fences and high-tech defenses such as biometric identification systems.

It’s less likely today that backup and recovery data centers will be built near one another. And new data centers are more likely to be built outside of urban areas.

“Data center designers have always been mindful of security concerns,” said Tad Davies, an executive vice president at Bick Group, an IT services provider whose work includes data center design. “What 9/11 caused us to do is think broader and on a massive scale.”

Source How 9/11 Changed Data Centers


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