IT’s consumerization of the workplace

September 8, 2011
As the world shifts to a post-PC era, in which non-traditional devices like mobile phones have become the primary access tools, especially in emerging economies like India, and ‘IT-as-a-service’ model gains momentum, applications, like say an Excel spreadsheet, can be ordered the way we order a DVD movie or an email. Companies are now working to bring consumer life experiences to the work place.

The move to the post-PC era can be seen from the fact that in 2010, tablets and smartphones combined sold more than PCs. By 2015, over 1.1 billion cell  phones and 300 million tablets will be sold, according to research data. By the same year, the mobile applications market is estimated to rise to about $38-billion from $6-billion now.

These trends mean that companies need to fundamentally change the way they organize their IT infrastructure. And here accelerating cloud computing and
virtualization trends will play a big role. Virtualization and cloud computing,
which dramatically reduce the number of servers that are needed and with it the
costs of building and maintaining large IT infrastructure, will help drive the
consumerization of the workplace.

Source IT’s consumerization of the workplace

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