On Its Own, Europe Backs Web Privacy Fights

September 7, 2011

All 90 people wanted information deleted from the Web.

Marta Ramoneda for The New York Times

Fernando Pérez, publisher of a Spanish government publication, said that “maybe there is information that has a life cycle.”

Among them was a victim of domestic violence who discovered that her address could easily be found through Google. Another, well into middle age now, thought it was unfair that a few computer key strokes could unearth an account of her arrest in her college days.

They might not have received much of a hearing in the United States, where Google is based. But here, as elsewhere in Europe, an idea has taken hold —individuals should have a “right to be forgotten” on the Web.

Spain’s government is now championing this cause. It has ordered Google to stop indexing information about 90 citizens who filed formal complaints with its Data Protection Agency.

Source On Its Own, Europe Backs Web Privacy Fights

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