Public cloud providers must take data loss liability

August 20, 2011

Paul Maritz , CEO of VMware, the leader in virtualization technology, which is the foundation of cloud computing, says public cloud providers need to take responsibility for any loss of client data if enterprises are to embrace public clouds. Extracts from an exclusive interview to TOI:

What are the challenges you see in public cloud adoption?

We have to ensure customers get the quality of service they expect in public clouds, ensure that the user interface of how they do IT externally is the same as how they do IT internally. You also often hear the issue of liability in clouds. What happens if I put my application in your cloud and something bad happens, who is going to pay for that. The first generation cloud providers are very clear in their answer: we take no liability. That’s an unacceptable answer, and that’s one of the reasons why businesses have only just experimented with the cloud, and have not put any serious applications into the cloud.

Source `Public cloud providers must take data loss liability’

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