Security and Privacy Standards for Cloud Services

August 6, 2011

New computer and network services provided by web-based applications, cloud computing, and mobile computing platforms can reduce computing costs and provide lawyers with the resources to accomplish their clients’ missions without straying far from their core competencies. To fully embrace these new technologies, service providers need to maintain information security and ensure lawyers that when they transmit and store information in the cloud, it is not for all the world to see.

For service providers to achieve and maintain information security sufficient to safeguard firm and client information, providers should adhere to appropriate standards and policies, even applicable legislation, and implement technical security controls that comply with the requirements that correspond to their customers’ needs. Although there are numerous standards bearers that include international, federal, and state organizations, one to which I pay particular attention is the National Institute of Standards and Technology Information Technology Laboratory (NIST) and their 800 series Special Publications.

Source Security and Privacy Standards for Cloud Services

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