Lawmakers ask for information on Groupon’s privacy policy

July 26, 2011

Following a Washington Post report, Reps. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Joe Barton (R-Tex.) have sent a letter to Groupon asking for more information on changes it made to its privacy policy to share demographics, social and geolocation data with its business partners.

“According to the article, Groupon will dramatically expand the categories of personal information it collects and shares with its partners,” Markey and Barton wrote. “As co-chairmen of the bi-partisan Congressional Privacy Caucus, we would like to gain greater insight into Groupon’s privacy policies.”

The Washington Post reported on the tweaks Groupon made to its policies and raised the possibility that the changes could invite scrutiny from federal regulators and privacy advocates.

In the letter, Markey and Barton asked about Groupon’s plans to share social data with its business partners, asking for clarification on how transparent the company will be about when the information is being tracked.

Source Lawmakers ask for information on Groupon’s privacy policy

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