Will Legal Issues Hinder Cloud Computing?

July 20, 2011

Dr Anu Vaidyanathan, founder of PatNMarks, an intellectual property consulting firm and an academic with affiliations with the Dept. of Computer Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology and the Business Policy area at the Indian Institute of Management writes about legal challenges with new technologies.

One of the latest intellectual property debates is the Winklevoss twins challenging a decision at the San Francisco Federal Court of Appeals upholding a $65 million settlement from Facebook, claiming to have co-invented it and, therefore, wanting ownership, rather than settlements. Facebook, by itself, has more than 200 patents filed in various jurisdictions including India.

The latest patent infringement dispute between Apple and HTC has led HTC to make a symbolic payment of $5 per mobile phone to Microsoft for their android devices (perhaps just a move to show that it was cognizant of licensing procedures). Microsoft is reported to be making $150 million out of its android licences (while making a paltry $30 million from Windows phone revenues).

Source Will Legal Issues Hinder Cloud Computing?

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