Google Apps Vs. Office 365: Prepare For Battle

June 23, 2011

Google and the other companies involved in the cloud productivity competition–IBM, Novell, ThinkFree, Zoho–have been preparing for this day, (Microsoft 365 launch notice on June 28) the moment when the battle of the cloud productivity suites is joined in earnest.

Taking a few last shots at its approaching foe before it has to grapple with Office 365 at every sales call, Google on Tuesday revealed that the State of Wyoming has finished moving all 10,000 state government employees to Google Apps for Government. One day earlier, Google presented a testimonial from Terry Geiger, director of corporate IT at The McClatchy Company, about how his company has “gone Google.” And amid these customer-win stories, Google just released an enhancement to Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office that allows users to open any Office file stored in Google Docs directly from within Microsoft Office.

McClatchy has decided to ditch Microsoft Exchange and adopt Google Apps for email, collaboration, calendars, chat, and website creation for its 8,400 employees. The company plans to stop upgrading Microsoft Office licenses en masse and to encourage the organic adoption of Google Docs.

Geiger’s “Dear Steve” letter, in which he breaks up with Microsoft, derides Microsoft Exchange as complex, expensive, and cumbersome. He says that his company weighed Google Apps against Office 365 and its predecessor, BPOS, and found Microsoft’s products wanting. As Geiger sees it, Microsoft fails to understand the “service” part of software-as-a-service.

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