European customers store over $250,000 worth of data in the cloud

May 16, 2011

59% of businesses see security as the primary risk of cloud computing in Europe

In Europe, 37% of cloud customers store more than $250,000 worth of data in the cloud, according to a global cloud computing research study by AMD.

The research highlighted that in Europe, 42% of businesses, which are considering deploying cloud offerings, are doing so as a necessity to reduce IT costs.

It said, 59% of businesses see security as the primary risk of cloud computing, but only 32% see reliability of their Internet connection as a risk.

The research, which also covered Asia-Pacific region, revealed that 67% of businesses that have moved to the cloud are already seeing business value. In Asia-Pacific region, 54% of businesses believe increased efficiency as one of the greatest benefits of cloud computing, more so than hardware cost savings or scalability.

In addition, finance and accounting applications are the applications most commonly found in the cloud, with 57% of respondents indicating they are already hosting these apps in a cloud environment.

AMD server and embedded divisions vice-president and general manager Patrick Patla said the rise of cloud computing is fundamentally shifting demands on the IT department, but different regions of the world are facing very different cloud challenges.

“We are committed to providing the right balance of price, performance and power for all types of cloud deployments around the world and are working closely with partners and customers to ensure organisations are reaping maximum benefits from this new computing model,” Patla said.

Source European customers store over $250,000 worth of data in the cloud: AMD

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