Implementation of EU data privacy rules ‘lacking clarity’

May 10, 2011

Websites will be required to ask permission before collecting data from visitors under new EU regulations that come into force at the end of this month.

Many websites collect user data in the form of ‘cookies’ – small files that store information to help websites recognise regular visitors, sometimes including their name and address.

The Information Commissioner’s Office yesterday published advice for businesses and organisations on how to comply with the changes but many companies are worried that the guidelines are vague and there is little time to comply.

The new rules, part of an amendment to the EU’s Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive, come into force on May 26 and specify that visitors to websites give their consent for cookies to be stored.

This could mean significant changes for many websites, which typically publish a privacy page telling visitors to get in touch if they want to opt out of receiving cookies.

Source Implementation of EU data privacy rules ‘lacking clarity’

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