Privacy is consumers’ top mobile app concern: survey

April 28, 2011

Privacy is consumers’ top concern when using mobile applications, according to a survey by online security firm TRUSTe released April 27. Nearly four in 10 consumers (38%) identified privacy as their top concern, and more than half (56%) said the issue is one of their foremost concerns, according to the online survey of 1,000 consumers conducted in February by research company Harris Interactive.

Privacy is an important issue for consumers because of the personal information that mobile devices hold, such as contact lists and emails, said Fran Maier, president and executive chair of the board at TRUSTe. She added that 85% of consumers restrict the information they share through their mobile phones, with “more than half” unwilling to share their location, address, date of birth, phone number and browsing history.

More than half (52%) of consumers said they have read an app’s privacy policy, according to the study. Nearly three in four consumers (74%) expressed dislike of advertiser tracking, and 85% said they want the ability to opt-in and opt-out of targeted mobile ads.

Source Privacy is consumers’ top mobile app concern: survey

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