Cloud Security Concerns of the new NIST Cloud Computing Security Working Group (NCC-SWG)

April 5, 2011

NIST Cloud Computing Security Working Group (NCC-SWG) website: http://collaborate.nist.gov/twiki-cloud-computing/bin/view/CloudComputing/CloudSecurity Here is a look at the offered documents :

1. Potential Loss of Control/Ownership of Data

2. Data Integration, Privacy Enforcement, Data Encryption

3. Security Concerns are Identified Threats – CSA’s Top Threats (7)

4. Data Remnence after de-provisioning

5. Multi Tenant Data Isolation

6. Data Location Requirements (within national borders)

7. Hypervisor Security

8. Audit Data Integrity Protection

9. Ensuring Verification of Subscriber policies (including regulatory needs) through Provider controls

10. Certification/Accreditation Requirements for a given Cloud Service

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