Crypto Wars: EFF Urges Us To Stand Up and Defend Privacy

October 2, 2010

The “war on privacy” reached a new level as the EFF proclaimed it’s time for all of us who care about privacy to stand up and defend it. The disturbing news today is that the government intends to expand its ability to surveill us by putting government-mandated back doors in all communications systems and in all encryption software.

Promoting security while protecting privacy seem to constantly be at odds. I’d rather not touch politics, but it seems irrevocably intertwined with privacy and security. President Obama ran on a platform that if elected he would “strengthen privacy protections for the digital age.” He also promised he would “harness the power of technology to hold government and business accountable for violations of personal privacy.” If that were true, that would be wonderful. If that were true, then why are privacy watchdogs growling from all corners of the Net today?

Charlie Savage of The New York Times described how U.S. feds claim “that their ability to wiretap criminal and terrorism suspects is ‘going dark’ as people increasingly communicate online instead of by telephone.” In fact, federal law enforcement and national security officials want Congress “to require all services that enable communications — including encrypted e-mail transmitters like BlackBerry, social networking Web sites like Facebook and software that allows direct ‘peer to peer’ messaging like Skype — to be technically capable of complying if served with a wiretap order. The mandate would include being able to intercept and unscramble encrypted messages.”

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