New social media guidelines for Waco ISD employees

August 21, 2010

It’s the start of a new school year and with social media like Facebook and Twitter reaching all ages, Waco ISD is adding guidelines to their employee handbook on how teachers can interact with their students.

These are brand new recommendations by the Texas Association of School Boards. It’s designed as a way to protect teachers and students. “It’s just a reminder to employees that the content on social networking pages, should be professional,” Elaine Botello, Waco ISD Director of Human Resources, said.

Teachers will follow 11 new regulations when using everything from texting to social networking sites with students. Some of the regulations include prohibiting teachers from communicating with students on personal social networking pages, instead they have to create a professional page for educational purposes like questions on tests and homework.

“If we can head off the problems that are avoidable, that allows the district, teachers, and schools to focus on real problems with real consequences,” Waco High Teacher and President of the TSTA/NEA Tony Uzzell said.

At this point, This is a regulation in the employee hand book, it wont be discussed to be district policy until the fall.

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