USCYBERCOM Commander Eyes the First Cyberwar Defeat

August 9, 2010

“My main focus will be on building the capacity, the capability, and the critical partnerships required to secure our military’s operational networks. This command is not about efforts to militarize cyber space. Rather, it is about safeguarding the integrity of our military’s critical information systems.”
Gen. Keith Alexander, USCYBERCOM Commander
Nomination Hearing, April 15, 2009

It is not surprising that the US Government’s newly appointed head of Cyber Command and Director of the National Security Agency, responsible for all military information and communications security, shows up in Afghanistan two days after the Wikileaks data dump of the Afghan War Diary 75,000 files.

For whom else does the buck stop for the first cyberwar defeat since US Cyber Command was established except General Keith Alexander?

And why else would the first ever photos of Alexander’s visit to a war zone be published by the Defense Department except to signal he is ultimately responsible to determine how the defeat occurred and what must be done to prevent recurrence — as soon as possible.

To take command of the investigation, to personally look at the circumstances of defeat right there where the intelligence originated, was collated and passed up the line for use by top military commanders.

Cyberspy boots were surely shaking while awaiting the master cyberspy’s arrival to assign blame for the disaster, put careers in jeopardy with McChrystal-type resignations in the offing, exculpations pre-positioned, underlings to be sacrificed, Bradley Manning one among many, there just has to be more behind this unbelievable spillage of secrets.

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